About My cab Services

The team at My Cab Services has a vision to deliver the very highest service levels to cab operators,cab agregators, taxi service providers, cab/taxi owners/vendors, taxi associations, corporate, fleet managers, employees etc. whilst doing so at the very tightest levels of cost efficiency.

At My Cab Services (MCS), our mission is to provide safety and security to assets and people and to deliver breakthrough value to our customers. We offer the world's best products to you for making you as well as your customers happy and adding value to your business.

Our products are complete solutions that automate your entire organization and provide award-winning communication features. All our software is designed for the global marketplace, multi-currency, and multi-language.

Our customer service is second to none, and we use state-of-the-art technology to provide these services. For a complete list of customer references, please contact us at sales@krifal.com. If you would like to hear what our customers are saying and why they believe MCS is Number One, please visit our customers review page.

Whether you are a small operator or a large multinational organization with thousands of cabs, we have the complete software service for automating your business and provide superior customer service.

About Team

  • Kris Mittapalli
    Co founder & CEO
    • A Global IT Leader with 27 years of experience in publishing, health care, transportation, telecom, finance, market research, and education fields.
    • Experienced with different functional areas and hands on Technical skills, in various industries, technologies and geographic regions
    • Executed technology transformations very effectively from mainframe to 3 tiered applications to web based systems for large Fortune 500 Insurance company
    • Led $500 million organization's information technology efforts, providing cutting-edge technology solutions for a logistics company that operated in a diverse transportation industry model in both domestic and international markets
  • Mahin Noufal C M
    Co founder & COO
    • A technology Enterpreneur with 15 years of experience in Project Management and Software Development.
    • Masters in computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Thiruchirapalli